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Its the shootings, drugs, gays & thugs

Yea, I said it. The thing that city council, WD Inc and all you other spineless P.O.S wont acknowledge.

Hood rats are the predominant problem (which the majority of are probably tattoo customers, so hows that for irony) followed by the over abundance of PDA from the gay community and just plain gross & disturbing people allowed to congregate.

Ive quit going downtown and refuse to spend a dime there because of the fights, shootings, gang activity & low class idiots covered in tattoos always trying to bum cigarettes (from people like me that dont even smoke) and trying to mess with my kids.

Downtown is headed back to the cesspool it was in the late 70s & 80s, with junkies walking the streets like zombies from an episode of "The Living Dead".

48 bullets collected from too many shootings to count in the past 28 days.

Yea morons, its the weather, parking and gas prices. I hope you people, thinking like that, arent the least bit stunned when your companies go out of business. Your political correctness and naivety have gotten the best of you.


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