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The Lazy Unemployed Stereotype is Getting Kind of Old.

Guest CR, in the last six months my NON lazy formerly unemployed behind watched Judge Judy exactly zero times.

And exactly what is an Obama phone to the formerly employed person? Your average unemployed person owns a car, a home, etc, basically all the trappings of middle class life, making them mathematically ineligible for programs such as food stamps and Obama phones, particularly if they are single.

Back in the day, a person with just a modicum of gumption could become re-employed in a week or maybe a month. Now? Not so much.

It took took me six months to find two part time jobs, this after count them 40 job interviews. Yes, I said 40!! So you still dare to call me lazy? 40 job interviews in Wilmington? And for decent jobs at that? That's almost unheard of!

The reason I got those 40 job interviews is because I had a well written resume, cover letter, FOLLOW-UP, and a secret fourth ingredient.

Why did I fail in the 39 other interviews? Nerves, and personality quirks that tend to come out because of nerves, but never come out in my everyday working life. There was one case I did fine in the interview, I was quirk free that day, but in the last ten minutes of the interview I became nervous and almost started to jump up to leave too soon because I thought the interview was over. That and I didn't answer one of the last questions as well as I would have liked. In other words, I answered the question honestly. The question? What irritates you? My answer? People that don't pull their own weight. What is so wrong with that? I think maybe she thought I was not a team player, but I had given other examples prior to that indeed showed I was a team player.

I understand employers want the best employees and that a bad employee is a costly endeavor, however the best employee is often not the one who gives the lie answers doled out by


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