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Guest O'Day

You raise many thoughtful questions.
"Is it within the scope of the authority of the NH County Commission to spend taxpayers money in pursuit of the appeal to the improperly applied amotion proceedings against Commissioner Berger?"
Yes as far as the money part goes so long as it was discussed and voted upon. This is a question of LAW as to whether or not amotion can be used, and whether the Commission meets the burden of proving Berger is unfit for office.

"Did the Wilmington City Council act reasonably in its expenditure of taxpayer funds for the numerous studies on the feasibility of the proposed baseball stadium?"
Define reasonable? It is certainly within the confines of the city charter for them to pursue this and the means which they were going to use to pay for it was also legal. No involvement of the State Auditor is justified.

"Why does the Wilmington Film Commission exist separately as an agency instead of being a department within the municipal government concerned only with the issuance of permits and the collection of fees? The present commissioner functions an industry lobbyist, not as a public official. Why do Wilmington's taxpayers pay his salary?"
Because they want to - that's why. Many people in this city are star struck by the movie industry.
The more appropriate use of the state Auditor would be to determine the measured economic impact that the movie industry had for a particular movie that the production company received incentives for. The movie industry claims the economic impact(IMPLAN multiplier) for every dollar in incentives was $8.99. Yet, 8 states have conducted studies that measured the impact to be far less than $1 for every dollar spent. In some states it was as low as $0.19 for every dollar in incentives.

"The Board Chair of the CFPUA is an ex city council member who couldn't win reelection. Do his ties with commercial real estate and developers represent a conflict of interest?"
Do Saffo's? again a question of law.

"Why are Wilmington City taxpayers subsidizing Wilmington Downtown and its CEO salary? Any taxpayer funded development agency needs to be concerned with the WHOLE municipality and ALL taxpayers, NOT the "FEW"."
City charter allows for such expenditures and it was approved by vote of the council.

"How was an exception granted to the Wilmington Housing Authority CEO who in his DWI blew almost three times the legal limit and kept his job (and six figure salary) while a career firefighter had to resign after a twenty six year tenure of service? Aren't the laws governing public employee conduct supposed to be uniformly applied?"
I may be wrong about this but...
Housing authority gets money from both city and Federal governments, making him a hybrid employee of both entities. The Fire Chief is totally paid for and controlled by city funds/ordinances/policies.



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