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CFCC Audit

Let's be clear: Robert Parker got permission from Yamaha and his CFCC department chair to LOAN the motor to an excellent student. The motor was old, unsalable by Yamaha, didn't work properly when CFCC received it, couldn't be repaired with existing CFCC tools (required special Yamaha tools), lacked controls to start the thing, and had been sitting unused in Parker's shop for 2 years.

Yamaha was hoping to get their engines into technical schools, naturally enough.

When he LOANED the engine, WITH PERMISSION, Parker was hoping for useful feedback on a Yamaha engine he could neither use nor repair...No money was exchanged. No injury was imposed on anyone, not even taxpayers ---who were already paying for the space occupied by this huge, broken engine.

The inventory apparently allowed Parker 2 choices.....either the engine was "accounted for" or it was "not accounted for". It makes perfect sense that he would check the box "accounted for" since he knew exactly where it was and could retrieve it instantly, as he did....repeat: Parker retrieved the engine himself, within hours.....not the student.

The state auditors had rolled into town on a fishing expedition at CFCC, based on an anonymous tip..... and they had to find something.........Parker was nailed on a "violation of protocol" for checking the box that the engine was "accounted for.".....

......and told that his sterling 22 year record at the college was beyond reproach. So he was offered early retirement....not I said: Raleigh had to get something out of this.....especially after spending $21K.

Where is Parker's crime? Where is the injury to the college or to taxpayers? Where is the insult, except to Parker himself who is now the object of a character smear.

He was an excellent teacher with many devoted students. He will be missed.


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