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Nothing less than...

...his immediate termination shall suffice. He is in a leadership position with the fire department. His DUI (presumably off-duty) sets a poor example for all his subordinates.

Now...when you show up to the scene of a major event, obviously under the influence, endanger the public and the fire men and women he supervises. He probably drove a city vehicle to the scene.

This is grounds for dismissal, regardless of his problem with alcohol. Not only is he aware of the policy, but should be setting the example at all times. He could have self-referred for rehabilitation. Send him to rehab, and after he completes it, dismiss him for cause.

I participated in a joint exercise with him in the past 10:00 am he had alcohol on his breath. Since I don't work with the WFD, it wasn't my place to speculate...but alcohol beverage on the breath means alcohol in the blood system. One beer or glass of wine is not going to do it.

The sad fact of the matter here, it is pretty obvious to me the behavior has been enabled or ignored by co-workers, peers, and probably senior staff.

That should scare more folks than one drunk battalion chief. Add the fact he is a native and the good ol' boy system is on full display.


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