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drowning lawsuit?

First of all, I'm sorry for the family for the loss of your son.

However, having lived at CB all of my life (50+) years....

If you don't know how to swim, wear a life jacket if you wish to enjoy the water! So what, people will know you can't swim, but at least you'll float! A raft or inner tube is not a safety device, it is meant for fun for those who know how to swim. At all of the parking areas I see there, all are marked with caution signs about rip currents. The ocean is not a shallow swimming pool, it can be very dangerous folks, and can change rapidly in stormy weather.
To me, it's understandable that the life guards left, if the weather was threatening, it's not safe to be on the beach! If you don't see a lifeguard on duty, don't swim there! Even though a guard may be on duty, be cautious!
I think this lawsuit is just plain crap. People have to start having more responsibility for their own actions. And 19? He wasn't a little kid. He was a young adult!


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