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Pretzel Logic

Newspaper says this kid was 19, he and his buddies didn't know how to swim and one of the reasons that Carolina Beach was chosen was because there were lifeguards. But, the lawsuit also says that there were no lifeguards after a storm. Why go into the ocean when there were no lifeguards if their presence was a prerequisite?

Then the stretch that this person drowned because the allegedly unqualified Ocean Rescue Director was allegedly having an affair with the Police Chief really says a lot about the quality of the legal representation.

Maybe they can sue the float maker for making an unstable product next. Sue the waves while they are at it...after all, they had to be defective because they kept breaking.

This tragedy was certainly preventable but I don't see laying the blame on Carolina Beach. This ranks right up there with the "hot-coffee-in-the-lap" lawsuit against McDonalds.


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