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Now now G-o-m

First, many "polls" indicate that the gay lifestyle is more acceptable to the majority of Americans but this ruling didn't do anything to make it more lawful.
It just meant that married gay couples enjoy the same rights as married heterosexual couples do.
Pedophiles are criminals
Rapists are criminals
Molesters are criminals and as such, all have no rights upon conviction.
Is it intense hatred? Or homophobia?
The same could have been said for blacks and civil rights? How many scare stories were told that started with "If your white kids were in the same class as blacks....?"
Seems like those stories never came true did they?
The same holds true I believe, for homosexuals. It's way past the time to end discrimination against them.
Is it for me? No. Is it for you? Apparently not.
But Americans, by a large margin, are an accepting, and forgiving people. We are "tolerant" of many people for many reasons - mainly because being tolerant was what this country was founded on.
The Statue of Liberty's sign does NOT say "give me your sick and your tired (but keep your gays and blacks to yourself)."
I learned in the early 60s in Vietnam that the guy with the gun who had your back - really had your back - was trusted regardless of whether he was black, Jewish, gay, Polish, or from Poughkeepsie !!(later I learned women were included in this group too after seeing some female VC fighting).
Those lawbreakers you mentioned are just that, lawbreakers.
But the Supremes "ruled it rightly" even though I may personally disagree with the lifestyle.



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