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You are an absolute idiot.

Animals, like people, are a product of their environment. Obviously if a person is kept under a rock, such as yourself, they become narrow-minded and make ridiculous statements like you did.

Just because a dog is a pit bull does NOT mean it is a dangerous animal that deserves only death. It's merely your delusional opinion. Had you seen the conditions those poor creatures were living, I'd like to think you would have make a more intelligent and compassionate statement. The fact that they may be returned to the "owner" who LITERALLY left them for dead is absolutely unconscionable (yes, I know it's a big word...look it up). A society is judged by how it treats the traditionally weaker elements of itself...elderly, children, animals, etc.

Additionally, Animal Services is legally bound to not return dangerous animals into society. They obviously do not believe dogs are dangerous if they consider putting them back into society.

Everything about you, "renoGuest", is what's wrong with society today. You make ridiculous statements based on a warped version of truth, and you accept what you read in a soundbyte as gospel.

Please...either climb out from under your mushroom and attempt to contribute something worthwhile to society, or go back to I'm guessing Reno. Your ignorance is neither wanted nor needed here.


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