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Breed matters

While many who meet the affectionate, beautiful, outgoing pit bulls do fall in love, this doesn't change the fact that pits have been and ARE the choice of essentially ALL USA dog fighters because they are the best. Normal dogs simply do not attack and kill well. So normal dogs traits changed to have the mutant fighting dog ability and instincts.

While not all pits will act on their heritage/instincts, you won't know until its too late as "good" pits
attack without warning first
attack without reason
attack without being angry
attack without trying to avoid a confrontation
Good pits do not stop even when the other totally submits (with normal dogs the fight ends when one "says uncle" often without severe injury)
Good pits do not stop attacking even if suffering severe personal injury. Kick a border collie mix who bites your ankle and he retreats. Stab a pit bull several times and he doesn't let go of the child's arm until the pit bleeds out.

While these traits are required to enable pits to win dog fights, these also make pits disproportionately dangerous dogs. It is impossible to accurately temperament tests dogs who do not show intent. It means that the friendly dog who wags up to you smiling may suddenly continue to bite, tug, crush and not stop.

Add the fact that pits were bred for tenacity, "gameness" the drive to continue no matter what. This means that a fence or door that would stop a normal dog might not stop the pit bull intent on gaining entry to kill the victim dog.

Normal dogs give warning before attacking, because strong self preservation instincts make they want to avoid a fight. Good pits want to fight, so when instinct bubbles up in their pit bull brain, they can go from happy kissy-faced to tugging, crushing, shaking something to death. Incidentally, the 8 year old pit, who was KNOWN as a good family member, suddenly felt the urge to tug his 2 year old child to death, was named "Kissy Face". For 8 years he was a family member, until suddenly he went "pit bull". (Google Beau Rutledge)

Spend some time on a pit bull forum/chat room. Ask those pit fanciers/breeders if they are trying to breed away from dog aggression. They respond with a resounding "NO", as dog aggression is what makes a pit a pit. If an otherwise social creature (dogs) can be so mutated to instinctively attack and kill their own FOR NO REASON AT ALL, as pits have been, no other species is safe.


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