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Pitt Bulls don't deserve a death sentence

1. Pitt Bulls were tested to be in the top 4 most stable breeds.
2. There are more Pitt Bull attacks b/c of the sheer number of pitt bulls out there. The percentage of attacks is a lot lower than most breeds.
3. My cousin was viciously attacked by a "friendly" breed and needed several surgeries over 10 years to his face.
4. Most reports of attacks don't tell the situation and what led the attack.
5. Pitt bulls that were trained for fighting were put down if they attacked the human. Human aggression IS NOT a typical trait.
6. You reap what you sow.
7. The majority of people working in the dog industry are unable to correctly identify pitts as several breeds have similar characteristics.
8. Research what a pitt goes through to be trained to fight. Think about how long they resist - even through torture, beatings, starving, etc. before they actually fight.
9. It is the media creating opinions out there. If a person is killed by a non-pitt it is hardly ever covered. If they think the dog looks close enough to a pitt/mix, the story goes crazy b/c IT SELLS!
10. In the 1800s, pitts were nicknamed the nanny dogs b/c of their stable nature.
11. The most decorated dogs in WWII was a pitt.
12. We can find good and bad in all dogs. Some of humans are born with horrible and unstable temperaments - dogs are the same.
13. My first foster was a pitt. I was afraid to have her for a few weeks even at 8 pounds. I went online and did research. I cried that night looking at images and learning how much these dogs need to go through to get them to fight back. We fostered that baby girl and it has been two years. She is the loving dog, calm and patient around tons of kids and to everyone she meets. She is the socialite of doggie daycare (goes a few times a month).
14. Ask professional invisible fence-like companies. The dogs that need additional assistance after getting the shock correction are pitts. This is because they are so sensitive that they won't go back out in the yard.


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