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ok honestly no one really

ok honestly no one really knows exactly what happened that night...the only ones that do know what happened cannot tell you cause there not here anymore.Im so tired of people accusing people..accusing Josh,or anyone else is not going to bring them just makes it 100 times harder on all the friends and family of all the victims...and some people should think about what they say about people and realize that Josh had friends and family that love him just like Nikki and Asya people need to watch there mouths and be more respectable of others feelings because like I said no one knows for sure what happened so until you do just drop it.Even if he did do it(I dont believe he did) accusing him and calling him a killer isnt going to bring any of them back so why hurt Josh's family and friends by calling there loved one a murderer.i mean its hard enough dealing with the death of someone you loved so dearly and then on top of it you have people telling you "how can you feel sorry for him"..the people who say that stuff obviously didnt know Josh cause if they did they wouldnt be saying that because anyone who knew Josh knows there is no way he would hurt anyone...I happen to be a close friend of Josh's..I have known him a long time and no matter what anyone says I refuse to believe he had anything to do with the deaths of Nikki and Asya...things just dont add up...something funny is going on...and eventually the truth will come out. RIP Josh,Nikki and Asya


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