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Why is everything about Race..

This is so pathetic and miniscule. Why does everything turn into a race issue with people. It doesnt matter if you are black or white. I am not siding with Enterprise but I am definately not siding with the Greenes. Why are you going to turn this into a media frenzy because you feel that some small comment is racial. Yeh in the past that term may have been negative, but who is to say that she meant it in that form. You automatically run to the news so you can get your face out there and then demand "monetary compensation". Sounds to me like a ploy for attention, and why do you think that you deserve monetary compensation you didnt do anything and you sure dont deserve it for "sense of grief and torment". I dont think this should have made the news at all and definately should not have been a top story, sounds to me like it is a slow news day. Get a life people. there is always going to be things that we dont like, but if you keep throwing issues like these out and people keep throwing a race card out nothing is going to change. It doesnt matter if you are black, white or whatever; get a life, get along and live your life and dont worry about other people.


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