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The fact that this story, as shoddy as it was reported, made it on the air disturbs me. I can't imagine that a company as large as enterprise would employ people who would greet a customer in that manner. While the employee could not say anything on air WWAY had no problem slandering this poor girl without getting or reporting on the other side of the story. How credible is this accusation and the reporting? There is definitely something missing here. If the customer has been apologized to and finance compensated for their rental what more does she want? She has the right as a consumer to make the choice not to spend her money there. That's where it should end. It seems like it's another case of someone taking things farther than it needs to go. As a person of color I cannot change the past, but I do have the ability to not let the past dictate my future. I've lived in Wilmington for over ten years and found it to be a tolerant city to race, sexual orientation, etc. Shame on you Ms. Greene. Instead of being an educator and taking a negative situation and trying to turn it into a learning experience you just look like another attention and money seeking person that is ruining our society.


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