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Pray Tell...

...where exactly do we get a list of the words that black people give white people permission to use? Good grief.

No one group of people gets to decide what common English language words any other group of people are or are not allowed to use based on some perceived offense that they personally associate with that word. And no person gets to decide what another person's intent is when they speak any word. Period. America doesn't work like that.

If you choose to be offended by the use of a word that is the known, understood and accepted name of an animal...then you have a personal issue that only you can resolve. It's not up to the rest of America to cater to the chip on your shoulder. We refuse to stop using common words that we have used for generations in their purely innocent form, because a certain group of people have decided to brand those words as "offensive" in any form.

The world does not revolve around you and your feelings, and the rest of us are not going to tip-toe around when we speak for fear of saying a word that you may or may not find offensive. Every race and ethnicity represented in this nation has a heritage that includes some type of oppression, slavery, mistreatment or discrimination. If we as a society were to be expected to accommodate everyone's potential for perceived offense based on the past...then we would end up a muted society.

Instead of feeding that money-grabbing chip on her shoulder, perhaps Ms. Greene ought to save her outrage for the youth of her own culture and community that are brutally beating, robbing and mobbing people of other races on buses, in stores, in malls and on the streets here in America.


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