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The Race Card is Overplayed, Outdated & Benefits ONLY Blacks

Get over it! While I don't agree with slavery, if it wasn't for those days, most African Americans would not be in America today. Be thankful for your ancestors past and how far things have come. Don't use the old, boring, overplayed, over-rated race card again and again and again for your benefit. The true minority in America is white males yet let one of them pull the race card and they will be punished to the max. Did you ever stop to think that African Americans just may actually be the most racist? First "black" president (forget the fact that his MOTHER was white), first black officer, first black this, first black that, black beauty pageants, all black colleges, black history MONTH, nevermind groups like the NAACP. Who is segregating? Who is racist?Let there be an all white beauty pageant or an all white college and see how far that goes.

Bottom line is this: Quit being RACIST and using the PLAYED OUT race card. Find something better to do. And no, the girl does not deserve to be fired and the family doesn't deserve any amount of financial compensation. This is life. If you take offense to something so little, maybe you should shelter yourself until you grow some understanding that everyone isn't going to walk around on eggshells in an attempt to keep themselves from being called racist. If the same thing was said to a white family, nothing would be said. Monkeys? Isn't this a bit of an outdated racial slur? By the way, Paula Deen admitted to using the word, "nigger" some 25 years ago at a time when the word, especially in her home town, was common. The word used not to be used in the context it is taken today. Then again, blacks use it far more as whites would ever think about it and that's okay.

To break this trend, something must be done: Act civil, be respectful, realize that America owes you nothing and you are just as equal as a white person (isn't that what we preach, equality?), and quit being the racist party just because your great, great, great ancestors may have once been a slave. We've fought that battle and equality was won. Segregation was done away with. Oopss...until blacks decided they wanted to start it all over in their favor.


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