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Barrel of Monkeys, Monkey See/Monkey Do

Unlike You, I am a proud RIGHT-Leaning Christian Conservative Constitutionalist Republican.

For some STUPID REASON, I also majored in Sociology where I concentrated my studies in the area of Social Disenfranchisement.

After my unprecedented research was completed, no one believed how much WHITE AMERICA has been DISCRIMINATED against by being called names, being the BRUNT of disgusting, derogatory, repulsive and sic Jokes on BLACK Entertainment Television. Yes! Discriminated against... for not being chosen for jobs which White women were clearly more qualified for (due to that little 'thang' called Affirmative Action baby), and for being turned down for loans for housing. They were never even GIVEN free phones or ANYTHING!!!

I ALSO am outraged that Ms. Greene is crying false racism. Uh-HUH!! I agree that Crying false racism is just as bad as an actual racist act, JUST LIKE YOU!!!. How many RIDICULOUS FALSE racist instances are going to go ignored due to people like Ms. Greene crying wolf?!

While I agree that Civil rights leaders of the past are rolling over in their graves, Jackson & Sharpton will be on Greene's doorstep to KEEP their names in lights and to continue the oppression march AGAINST the entire White Race.

GOOD JOB, WWAY for publishing such factual, albeit hard-to-stomach journalism and shame on Greene for demeaning the entire Civil Rights movement.

However, Beyoncé, re-wording your diatribe was more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys!

On-going, old days Class and Race warfare is such a low-functioning persons game. I don't hate Rich people or poor people, Black people or White people. I can't say the same for the left-wing loony-bin, radicalized, victimized, Sociology professors from the University...except Adams, a cool conservative.


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