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Unfortunately crime

Unfortunately crime continues to be a profitable business in our area. Why else would people rob,mug,breakins and sell drugs? What makes matters worse is we hear very little from our city government. Our court system borders on being a satirical farce. We can't or are unable to stop the recycling of criminals. Does incarceration of drug users have any meaningful results? The problem is cyclical and can only be arrested and turned around when there are real changes within our culture. Kids growing up without an intact family is a wonderful formula for filling up our prisons. Kids who grow up in an environment where there is not much parental supervision are headed for a ride to prison. Kids who "blow-off" education are headed down a street that leads to making bad, bad choices for themselves and ultimately for society. Can anything be done to save our kids from living a life of acting out their anger in so many ways? The answer is yes. The solution is very difficult. Family and education. An intact family that monitors their children and stresses education will are far more likely to raise responsible members of society. Kids who grow into young men and women. When will the cycle stop? I hope in the next 50+ years. It is vital to our whole society and culture. Marty Miller, Wilmington,NC


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