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Here is what the FCC requires

For network-based solutions: 100 meters for 67 percent of calls, 300 meters for 95 percent of calls; For handset-based solutions: 50 meters for 67 percent of calls, 150 meters for 95 percent of calls. I'm not a PSAP operator, I'm an engineer who has to test the E911 system. I've already gone on record as saying that the handset-based technology works substantially better than the network based solutions. The network-based solutions have had more than their share of troubles in meeting the accuracy spec, but I assure you that it's substantially better than "a couple of miles." That said, when we test both types of systems with the PSAP, the operators continuously report that they ARE receiving Phase II X and Y coordinates. What the county does with that information is entirely up to them. If they are incapable of taking a latitude and longitude and providing emergency service providers with an accurate location, then they have a problem at that PSAP. However, the charge that the carriers are only reporting the cellular tower location is groundless....or else the PSAP operators are lying to us....which I don't think is the case. The bottom line is that no technology in the world is capable of providing a street address for a cellular phone. The best it can do is report that "the phone is at this spot on the planet." Of course callers should give an address if available, but the whole reason that E911 was developed was to cover those situations where an address was not or could not be provided. The carriers can give them raw location data, but computing where that is falls entirely upon the PSAP and its resources.


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