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I have read many comments from you and opinions, that appear to be tempered with fact, and found most to be informative, but you are way off base with this one,

Most beach houses are between, 25-30 feet wide, especially at OIB, and most have large porches/Decks somewhere between 8-12 feet deep and even larger, The loading for a porch this size should be based on The NCRBC, and the calculation should have been based on tributary loading at the point loads, corners, connectors and so on, The deck should have been designed to withstand 40lbs per square foot, (12X20=240X40=9,600 so 25 people on a deck this size and for it to be overloaded would have required each individual to weigh in excess of 384lbs, the deck should not have collapsed unless, its size was less than 7.5ft in depth and less than 20 in length, which is very uncommon on the beach.

My suspicions are that the connectors corroded due to the harsh elements on the coast, and most would be unaware of such conditions, until failure occurred. My question is when was the home last inspected for compliance under the Towns Minimum Housing Requirements, IE a rental with 25 people in it.

My Prayers are with the family, hope all recover.


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