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Let's see ...

... I DO pay taxes when I use the roads, that's what my vehicle taxes are used for. I also DO pay for the parks that I don't use, because I DO pay county and state taxes, which is the same way I pay for the 4th of July celebration and other community events.
And what do you mean it could be me tomorrow? It IS already me ... today. I have to take drug tests all the time! In case you have missed it, most people that keep a full time job, pay taxes, their own health insurance, social security, medicaid, ... have to take a drug test.
And by the way ... I will happily feed any child that is in need, same goes for the old, the sick and the unfortunate. However, if you use any kind of illegal substance, there are two possible scenarios.
Either you are a serious addict, then the state needs to take the kids and put you into rehab so that you and your family can reunite one day and live a healthy life.
Or you choose to abuse those substances and than you are living the life that you asked for. If you have no money, because you cannot find a job, then this is your choice. NOT my choice, or society's choice ... so suck it up and don't ask for hand outs.


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