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Privacy anyone?

I am seriously concerned by everyone's acquiescence in accepting greater and greater governmental intrusion into our privacy. Drug tests should only be required if one is suspected of using drugs and with a court order. The fourth amendment protects us from unreasonable search and seizure. Beware of any attempt or precondition for employment or any service. Why not drug test all who go to get a driver's license? What about social security benefits? Why not drug test everyone who votes? Why not require a drug test be submitted with your income tax in April? If the government controls who can and cannot work or vote or receive services by intrusive means we lose. Sounds great for politicians to say "I am tough on welfare receipts". It would sound better for them to say "I support the constitution and individual freedom". Next thing you know the government will want to give benefits to those who only eat certain things or go to certain churches etc.... The right to privacy and protection of these rights are essential if we are to remain a free people. Remember today's governmental intrusion into someone else's privacy will affect you tomorrow!! Beware of the power we hand blindly to our government!!


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