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Yay! I KNEW you'd be here!

Yay! I KNEW you'd be here! You, Guestomgf, a legend in your own mind! I'm giving you an ovation right now.
Now I'm going to try to figure out why it is any of us should give a damn where you shop or when? Why is it important to ANYONE you can "afford a few more cents"? Why are you not living in a hole in the ground to stay away from the rest of humanity that is so far beneath you?
You shop at Mayfaire, don't you? I really hope you call ahead to make sure none of the "trash" is in the shopping center! And PLEASE, for the love of all that is "self entitled", tell me we'll NEVER see you in a Food Lion!
I'll be the "trash" that goes to Wal Mart. Make all the comments you like. Direct them this way, please do; however, don't kid yourself that what you say makes any difference. You mean nothing to the lives of the people you so quickly judge. Go to church on Sunday like a good girl and let "god" know you've got that judgement thing under control. Although, you're not very good at it.


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