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Wilmington Maj

Put a monetary value on Coudriet's pension and the Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for life that he gets upon retirement then tell me he's over paid compared to his private sector counterparts who get Medicare and 401k.
If he retires and collects just 50% of his current salary for 20 years that's $85,000 X 20 years or $1,700,000.00 just in pension alone !!!
And WE pay every dime of it. (although he contributes 6%, I believe).
If you are going to do a comparison to the private sector, one has to figure in the retirement and the BCBS coverage (which in all cases is secondary to medicare).

That's why I say CAP the salary. Hire him in a range of say $125K to $150K with a cap at $170K.
Public sector pensions are very costly and are based upon the HIGHEST 3 to 5 years of salary averaged. Lets say he quit after 5 years as county manager and he works the other 25 years as a school janitor making minimum wage and his pension would be 66%(rate at 30 years) of $170K (highest 5 year average salary) or $112K per year. With BCBS coverage thrown in. Not bad for a janitor.
Thats why its so dangerous to raise public sector salaries by as much as Coudriet's has been raised.



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