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You are foolish to think he has time to respond to you all. I am an average Joe. You can call me "Joe the Plumber" if that makes you feel any better. I am a taxpayer who understands how much of your life you give away when you are a leader of an organization.

Here's a comparison of the public sector salary to the private sector. A Total Energy Services, private company with annual revenues of around $300 million and 900 employees compensates its CEO 525,033 annually. The CEO's total compensation package is $1,467,007.(NHC estimated revenue this year is around $310 million for those who don't know.

You obviously don't know how the retirement package for NC and local government employees works. Each paycheck 6 percent of an employees salary is deducted and invested. The local government also makes a contribution based on the rate set by the NC Treasury Office.

The total amount spent on retirement for the NHC County Managers Office in 2013 was around ~$44,700, including contributions for the assistant county mangers and support staff.


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