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First of all; Big kudos to

First of all; Big kudos to Cacky Catlett/WWAY for asking a rational question that this reader/commenter rarely hears in the establishment media. Very refreshing after all of these years of observing media group-think.

Second - We should all be asking ourselves another question. The Martin Family has stated through their attorneys that this tragedy was not about race. The Florida prosecutors stated this case had nothing to do with race. So we are left asking ourselves, if the deceased family and the prosecution has gone on record stating this is not about race, why are so many others, from government officials such as Obama and Holder to talking heads on most establishment media outlets to simple observers commenting on sites such as this one, still attempting to insert race into this case? Truthfully answer that question and you will find the real guilty parties are and more importantly most of us that are only interested in the facts are the true victims.

Third - Just how many more Duke Lacrosse/Zimmerman cases must we endure before we begin to understand that the establishment media and other self-interested parties interjecting their own prejudices into cases before we have all the facts, is asinine and certainly not a substitute nor a reasonable path for justice for all?

Fourth - The lesson I hope our young adults will take away from this tragic event is that assaulting someone can lead to some very serious consequence. Assaulting someone does not only impact the person committing the assault and the person assaulted. Unfortunately, as we have witnessed in the Martin case, committing assault, also severely impacts families, loved-ones of all the parties involved in this case. The Martin family are naturally devastated while the Zimmerman family now has to endure death threats. The sheriff was unjustly fired. The jurors are in hiding, fearing for their lives simply for doing their civic duty. And on and on it goes. All of those left behind must now painfully try to carry on with their lives because of an irrational decision that Mr. Martin could have avoided by simply continuing to walk home rather than irrationally choosing to initiate a violent confrontation. We can have all the demonstrations we want, but until parents teach their children that violence is not a solution, sadly nothing is going to change.


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