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peace marches

just wondering? the shooting continues, in this town and apparently nationwide, black on black.

I am sorry to disagree with the lady from the NAACP but I think this is another attempt to a shakedown. She was asked a question and diverted her answer.

I want to know, should these kids who killed the delivery driver, Chinese, be charged as a hate crime? What about the white kid killed in his car downtown by what and for what> Being white and having a car and perhaps a wallet? Until the black community helps curb the violence in their own community, there will be no credibility or sympathy from the middle class white or for that matter the middle class black and other ethnic members of Wilmington.

Apparently the mission statement of the local NAACP is for the benefit of the few who bow down and kiss the ring, not conform and try to benefit no one but themselves. Her answer, or non answer spoke volumes to the intent and purpose of their organization.

Credibility has worn thin, Political correctness has worn thin. Say what you mean, but mean what you say. Time for the BullS**t to cease and the cowtowing to a camera to cease also. White or Black or whatever.


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