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Stand Your Ground law was

Stand Your Ground law was not used in the trial. It was SELF DEFENSE. SYG simply states that if a person is threatened with bodily harm or possible death by a predator, he/ she does not have the duty to retreat. Retreating gives tactical advantage to the attacker ( ie your eyes are off your attacker and you cannot react as they can as they pursue you or are trying to shoot you or run you over).

This attack on the SYG law is absolutely bogus! Zimmerman was found not guilty based on self defense NOT Stand Your Ground. And by the way, a good number of blacks in FL benefited from the Stand Your Ground law when they were trying to protect themselves and/ or their families from criminals.

As an aside, if you were not aware, the NRA protected the rights of blacks to own firearms when the racist Democrats and the KKK, who worked together, tried to prevent that. Why? Because they didn't want to get shot at by blacks trying to defend themselves and their families.

And just as Trayvon had a right to walk the street, so did Zimmerman.

Rally have, open honest debate and discussions, find solutions to the problems in the black community. But base it on facts, not emotions, hate and misinformation.


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