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Travon and George Incident

I am somewhat disappointed in all the conversations that I have heard regarding the death of Travon and the incidents that occurred before, during and after. I have listened to both prosecuters and defense attorneys try to present facts to us. The trouble is that someone is wrong. I have found in my 60 years of life, that usually when an incident occurs, we only hear the "truth" as perceived by one party or the other and usually the "actual tructh" is somewhere in between. No of us will know exactly what happened and what was going through the minds of either party. Maybe it was partly as thr prosecutor said and George scared Travon, or maybe not. Maybe it was as the defense said and Travon surprised George and overtook him, maybe not. We need to look beyond this and see a bigger picture. There was, what was perceived to be a stranger in an exclusive neighborhood that appeared out of place. George apparently called 911. He only mentioned the race of Travon after asked by the calltaker at 911. Did he profile, sure by recognizing a stranger in the neighborhood. Every parent profiles the young man or young woman that wants to date your child. I am sorry that the events occurred as they did. I hope that maybe we could all just take time to stop and ask ourselves, "what has our society deteriorated to". Just in our local area, we see shootings, beatings and other incidents of violence that are not restricted to one race against the other, many times they are on same race individuals. Many say that they are due to drugs, alcohol, or sometimes just anger. Why don't we protest these incidents. Maybe this is an indication that we need to imrove our work as adults to rear our children in to obeying the laws of scoiety and respect others as we want to be respected. There was a teaching that said to love (trear) others as you want them to love (treat) you. These are just a feww words from an older, hopefuily wiser individual during this time. I close with this, one of the first incidents of a member of another race being treated with respect, was when Jesus respected those that he ran across in his ministry such as the woman at the well, the Roman soldier, etc. May we look to Him for a True example.


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