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Look, I'm no expert in this

Look, I'm no expert in this case. In fact, I had avoided looking into it until just the other day after the verdict was announced, but here's what I gather from the case:

It seems undisputed that Trevon Martin (who looked far different from all the 12-year-old photos circulating of him) was beating up George Zimmerman. Marks on the bodies and eye witness testimony supports this. Zimmerman shot Trevon Martin in self-defense.

Open and shut.

A 911 operator telling someone that "we don't need you" to follow Trevon Martin, who was found with women's rings and a screwdriver in his bag previously, is not the same as being commanded by a police officer not to do something. Zimmerman was part of a community watch in a neighborhood that had suffered burglaries recently. Believe it or not, some people like to defend themselves, their friends and their family rather than simply leaving their fates in the hands of the police who may be tens of minutes away.

Racism is bad. Unprovoked violence is bad. But this was violence, from what I can see, in necessary self-defense, and the only people who are racists are the people making this into a huge racial issue when it appears to be one of self-defense.


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