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In Honor of Treyvon Martin?

That's great let's do something in honor of a thug! Whatever Zimmermans motives were we will never know. If you think or say you know, You Don't.
The verdict in this case, while you may not like it, was not reached because of race!
Racial equality-- If Zimmerman is white, Then Obama is white!! If Zimmerman is hispanic then Obama can be black. You can't have it both ways. The media has played everyone for a bunch of fools in this case.
I see it as these two men ended up in a bad situation that got worse. Zimmerman should have turned his butt around and went home. Trayvon shoudn't have beat him up.
So, let's recap, Do not honor a hoodlum and Zimmerman innocent? No! but not guilty in this verdict.
Ignorance is not Bliss! Ignorance is the reason the media can start riots and have people picketing for lies!!!!


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