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What is justice?

At first, the cry for Justice for Trayvon was to bring charges against George Zimmerman and have a trial. That happened. But now the cry for Justice for Trayvon is the black community didn't agree with the jury's not-guilty verdict so they're protesting.
Was it really justice they wanted? Nothing less than a guilty verdict would appease the crowds.
Now a Wilmington mom is quoted as saying their children are not safe coming home from a playground. First, I might be suspicious of a 5'11" 17-year-old hanging out after dark in a playground. And, if he was shot in a Wilmington park, chances are it was by another black male and most likely related to a drug sale gone sour or a gang feud.
Where are the moms and dads of these black victims and black criminals? We don't hear their voices protesting the violence against their children. Why not?
Bill Cosby got reamed by the black community decades ago for saying the black community needed to step up and take charge of their families, their neighborhoods and to stop blaming others for their lack of accountability. Looks like he was right on the money!


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