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Lets not forget

Some say that Trayvon Martin was the cause of this happening to him . Let us remember, Trayvon Martin was a child not a grown man. Put yourself in his shoes, he was walking along by himself and may have been afraid of being approached. He could of felted threaten or afraid because he was put in a situation. This is normal for being a child he's age, who did not know what to do in this situation. Our children are sometimes put in situations, sometimes because of others. This young mans life was taken from him, he did not have the opportunity to live his life. This young man could have been later in life , a doctor or lawyer. He could of been one of the young men who made it in life. But he's life was cut short by someone else, just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't know if this was a race issue or not. But one thing I can say, because of his race and gender he was labeled because he was a black. Our young men has been labeled because violence that's happen in the pass, tthat has been committed by other black men. Now this label has been placed on our young people of our race. But this thing needs to be broken and let this story of Trayvon touch others. Tear down the wall that divides us and the wall of labels that destroy our young men of our race. But Trayvon, still has a story and his story will live on and touch others in many ways. He was killed and his very life was taken from him, but one thing that they can't killed, is his story. Trayvon story will live on


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