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The real reason for the rally.

The real reason for the rallies should be to refrain from future violence, period. It a fact that blacks grow up seeing violence nearly everyday. The see it on TV, as well as in their personal lives. Many live in horrible subsidized homes unfit for a dog. Many know life as a means to gain something they want, and you have it. But most are hard working parents trying to better themselves, to get out of the hellish places they call home. I don't think they want their children to be thugs that end up in prison, or worse yet, die. Unfortunately many parents are busting their butts, working two jobs, and not gaining ground making minimum wage, and paying almost three fifths of it on gas to get there. They didn't finish school, while at the same time trying to raise a child. Now that many of the manufacturing and labor intensive jobs have vanished, many are left to be dependent on government assistance, to get by.

Many times being on their own, with a child, and no father to help in raising the child. There is no quick fix. Illegitimate births need to stop bringing kids into this world that can't be supported. If a father is absent , no assistance will be given until the father is found, and made to support them. Social security and ESs needs to be abolished. The only thing it does is perpetuate the cycle of dependency. You will know in advance that if you're man enough to father a child, you're going to be man enough to support that child, by incarceration if needed. If permanent revocation of assistance is done for any violations of non-support, it will be a incentive not to make kids that will not be supported by the two that created the child. As hard as it is to believe, many women choose to get pregnant as a way to permanently assure themselves that they will have a paycheck from Uncle Sam, instead of working for it. If you have difficulty believing this, then you have been living under a rock. Many low income women have been getting pregnant by men that they think will be some day be an athlete, or some other lucrative jobs. In a article on teen pregnancies in Detroit, it was one of the best means for gaining a paycheck. We as a society have to have something better to offer these individuals. There are thousands of things that the government needs to repair, roads, construction, buildings, and everything else that does not need upper level college to perform. It would be a great way to instill pride back to those who have list it. A days work, resulting in a days pay. We have the need, the people available, and the knowledge to put it into practice. Why not get a service performed by someone who we already have on our payroll.


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