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Why are you really questioning the validity of what happened?

There are actually two eye witnesses to confirm Brent's story. But I think the real issue is, why would we automatically assume that it is false? What would Brent stand to gain from all this media attention? His only message is one of forgiveness and the love of Jesus. I think as white people we do not wish to believe that this type of racial evil takes place. Coming to that conclusion can make us feel guilty, ashamed, and angry that our own people have historically and presently continued in these terrible acts. Regardless of what we may or may not have suffered as white people, black people have been consistently, systematically, and historically persecuted for their race. It is not only individuals who sometimes act in racist ways towards black people, as some of you have shared you have experienced as a white people, It is centuries of not only individual racism but systematic racism. Meaning whole institutions, government policies, and cultural norms all work together to tell black people that being white is the only right way to be. And if any of you took the time to participate in a black community and genuinely get to know them, you would only begin to gain an understanding of the countless racial injustices that black people experience their entire lives. Please take the time to read Brent's account of the story for yourself.


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