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For regulation and truth

Did it ever occur to anyone the reason a lot of folks get hooked on bad drugs like heroin and crack is because of the lies told about other drugs? There will always be some who are foolhardy anyway, but so many young folks try those bad drugs cause they don't believe it's really all that harmful. Why should they. Society lies about drugs regularly. Like how bad and dangerous marijuana is and then youngsters find out, oh 18 states now serve it up as medicine by REAL qualified MDs? So then maybe the stories they tell about heroin and the other drugs are just exaggerated lies too? That's what bad drug pushers do. bait and switch. It's easy to do with the lies and hypocrisy that surround drugs. Cry wolf long enough, and everyone covers their ears. And then the "Legit" prescription drugs touted on tv commercials 24/7/365 as safe or relatively safe and come to find out too late for too many, they cause all kinds of evil side-effects and problems like Parkinson's or death. Right now, I'm thinking about the four year old who died last week because the Dr. had her parents give her psychotropic meds. They push those on kids with behavior issues like candy now. Marijuana prohibition is directly to blame for much of this. They sanctified Lying when they did it to profit off of making it contraband. Prohibition is ruining lives. Those cops are just doing their job. They need to look the other way when it's Mj though. We need better laws for them have the credibility they need and deserve. Authorities ENFORCING BAD laws (based on greed & lies) ruins Life for everybody. The whole purpose of regulation is to REGULATE it so kids don't use it before they can handle it. Cannabis is MUCH safer than alcohol. And maybe if we (read Society) told the truth for a change, things might actually start to improve. Cause right now we pretty much all know, The drug war (40 years now) is not a war that can ever be won. It's a war with no winner. Marijuanna should be legal & regualted (at the VERY least Medicinally)and the rest of drug addictions treated as illness in clinics with harm reduction and step down assistance for those who want it. Crimminals should be jailed for Crime. I am sorry about the woman who lost her son to heroin. I have three grown sons and one has a drug problem. He is 24 and has had a problem with heroin too. I am terrified to loose him to that and so I know you understand my fear and I understand your pain as much as I can. I do. I really hurt for you. I know it could easily be me. But I also know he doesn't trust anyone much because of how society is built on so many lies. He knew weed was not the danger that Dare taught him it was. And then 2 years ago, He got in a bad situation. He was literally lured out of town for a promised construction job in Montana and then in a strange state in a car with a boy he hardly knew was convinced to "just try it once" and he said he really resisted but felt trapped too, and eventually he caved and tried it because in the back of his mind he thought the danger that I and everyone had preached to him was probably exaggerated too. He said it only took ONE TIME. He has really struggled with craving it ever since. It's not been easy to find affordable help for that either. Safe step down Meds are very EXPENSIVE. Without insurance, the street drug is much cheaper. It's sinful and heart-breaking. So all those who think they are helping by being on the side of the "good guys" and keeping all these bad drugs illegal and incarcerating offenders is helping anybody, well You need to think through that again. There has to be a better way. Let's try TRUTH for a CHANGE.. And Cannabis is a good place to start. They shot down the Medical Marijuanna legislation in NC twice this year because they got too many folks calling to support it. Only in America right? Let's get her done!


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