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I keep reading all the

I keep reading all the comments on the activities in the court system. All of you folks should go spend some time in the courtroom and observe your judicial system at work. Begin with District Court. Most important cases like this one are decided in the judge's chambers before they ever reach the courtroom. This backroom activity has several purposes, one of which is to speed up the process in the courtroom. Another is to allow the defense attorney to remind the judge of favors he owes and of the golf game on Saturday.
Then go to Superior Court. Pay attention to the lawyer's motions and how they are handled. Some are frivolous and borderline stupid, but the client thinks he/she is getting topline defense. Listen to the pleas. Plea bargains are offered by the district attorney as a means to clear the docket and speed up the process.
This learning process is not a one day deal. You will have to spend a lot of days in the courtroom learning who the lawyers are and the pecking order of the local bar.


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