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You people are pathetic

Those females taking pictures are seriously disturbed. What the hell is wrong with this world? Your disgusting and for all of you running your mouth giving your two cents about the guys involved if you didn't know them personally shut the hell up. Only God can judge and if your saying a drug charge is a horrific thing.... Then you must not of ever sinned? A drug charge two years ago from someone who was, I'm sure loved by hundreds more people them most of you will ever be even slightly liked by is not horrible. Most of you inhuman people need to find a hobby and get a life. You didn't even know these folks and your up here commenting & judging meanwhile the skeletons in your closet are tucked away and hid from the world. Just remember what you say and how you treat folks will come back to bit you in the butt and all of your indiscretions will one day be blasted for the world to see and I hope your given the same amount of decency you've shown the families of these two men.


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