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I can assure you the females

I can assure you the females taking pictures are not disturbed. The pictures were taken (to use if needed) to address with the appropriate officials, that it IS NOT OKAY to leave a crime scene scattered with human blood especially when it is on a public beach! The blood was not limited to the one small area as seen on TV, it was spread along the beach for about 50 yards. One large area was right where we had chosen to sit on the beach throughout the week. Being in the law enforcement community and working in the court system as the custodian of evidence admitted in court, EXTREME caution is used by all to keep biohazard materials SEALED so as not to touch items with human blood on them. Of all the law enforcement agencies I work with, none of them have ever left a scene in this way where the public could come in contact with human blood. They have always made arrangements to have the scene cleaned of human blood once all investigation was complete. Pictures were made in hopes that they could be used as a learning tool for the NTB Police Dept. and the NTB Public Works Dept. I would venture to guess that the NTB Police Dept. and Public Works Dept. have never had an incident like this before and are not even aware that it's NOT OKAY to leave a scene like that, especially when its a PUBLIC beach and will have lots of people walking and lying on and kids playing in that sand. I had hoped however, that common sense would have prevailed, but apparently that didn't happen. When I did address this matter with the NTB Police, they directed me to the Public Works Dept. Their answer was to send out a guy with a shovel to mix the bloody sand in with the rest of the sand. When I contacted Public Works back to ask them about that process, I was told that they were not allowed to remove sand from the beach and that was what they did when an animal/fish blood was found on the beach. I would think sand covered in HUMAN blood would be different. I for one, do not want to walk or sit on sand scattered with human blood nor would I want my (or anyone else's) children to walk or play on bloody sand.


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