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I am a family member of

I am a family member of Buddy (Robert C. Shellhammer IV), he was not the trash he has been made out to be! He was a good man that did actually attend church and did what he could for his family and in no way deserved to die the way he did. The charge which he already SERVED his time for was because he was in a relationship with a girl who lied to him and said she was 18 but was only 15 & 1/2. At that time Buddy was 20 and had no reason to believe the girl he loved had been lying to him. The charges came about when the girl's mother found out about the relationship. as soon as Buddy was informed the girl he thought was a woman was actually a child he ended the relationship. The girl openly admitted it was a mutual relationship and that is why the charge was indecent liberties with a child not child molestation. I also know a person who was charged as a sex offender b/c she sent a nude pic to the wrong number by accident and a minor received it so although I believe child molestation is one of the most heinous crimes someone can commit, not all people on the offender's list truly belong there by way of intent. I do not personally know the Stewart man who died, but the fact he is a convicted drug dealer doesn't make him trash either. For all you or I know he may have been busted with possession of drugs intended for personal use but in separate bags/containers and got the charge on a technicality. Unless you can personally contest to a person's character you should not comment at all, and there is no reason to slander the dead anyways if they didn't pay for their sins in life they certainty will after death.


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