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As an African American that was brought up in the deep south during the 1950's and 1960's I have a completely different view of Sen Goosby than the comments submitted by those who appear to admire him so much for several reasons. He has sponsored legislation such as the abortion bill, that denies women the right to choose what they deem best for themselves, then claim that this bill protects and assures women receive proper medical treatment. "Despite the fact that the "Racial Justice Act", has already been successful in proving discrimination and disproportionate application of the death penalty when it comes to African Americans, he went full steam ahead to see that it was repealed. By the way, I haven't heard him or any of his colleagues suggest or recommend ways that we can improve the justice system in this matter. His sponsorship of a bill to require drug testing of applicants seeking public assistance is not only demeaning, but shows his lack of sensitivity towards the plight of those less fortunate than himself. Extremism in legislation in North carolina in the last several months have caught the eyes of people outside our state which was once viewed as one of the most progressive in the south. How long will it be before industries considering a move here pick up on how backwards we are becoming? I'm sure Sen Goolsby is supporting the voting legislation that is clearly designed to suppress the minority vote. I would remind him and his colleagues that doing the politically expedient right thing is not always the morally right thing.


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