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As an "African-American", you appear very slanted....

...with your thoughts. Why is it that you blacks always portray yourselves as victims that are targeted, when that just isn't the case?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being required to present a valid ID to vote. No more wrong than having to provide one to cash a welfare check or purchase groceries with an EBT card. There is no targeting to suppress ANY minority voters due to there economic status. That pure bull-hooie! Just get the ID and use it like 90% of other legal Americans. There simply is no rocket science here and no basis for argument.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with welfare recipients having to "sometimes" prove they are drug-free to receive the welfare tax money that I have to take a drug test to earn and pay them with. In my humble opinion, the drug test requirement falls very short of what it should require, initial testing to qualify for welfare and random testing to remain qualified. That's what I have to do to remain employed. I don't appreciate my tax money being spent to support drug dealers and users while they sit on their lazy duffs with their 300 dollar cell phones shooting at each other. We read about them every day in our own communities.

I fully disagree that "Racial Justice Act" ever did anything to liberate any disproportionate or racially motivated sentencing. The fact that the prison population is comprised of a very heavily imbalanced load of African Americans is an ethnic issue that needs to be addressed by African Americans, i.e., baby-deddies take responsibility for and teach your children, don't just make them. There are many more suggestions to help this great cause, but you cannot blame this on the "great white one". Families of poverty have many resources these days, yet tend to perpetuate the behavior for generation upon generation to allow the government to pay their way through life rather than achieve education, rise above, become somebody and break the cycle.

I don't have much of an opinion on the abortion issue. I'm not in the habit of pro-creating life, then deciding "that" isn't what I want in the first place, so kill it and move on. I just don't work like that. A health issue related to pregnancy is one thing, to kill a fetus just because of "convenience" and lack of self-control is totally another. Far too much of that continues to occur. If you're simply going to be stupid and irresponsible, get yourself sterilized and avoid the problem in the first place. rocket science here.

Your points are presented in an articulate manner, but still display your disdain for what you feel is racial disparity in the recent political changes. Everything isn't always about politics and everything isn't always a racial issue. Don't be your worst enemy. Use that intelligence to help break that cycle, rise above and assist your people (as you seem to consider them) to assume responsibility, accountability and to be productive members of society. NOBODY can ask for anything greater than that!


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