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If this is illegal then the North Carolina Lottery needs to be shut down immediately. The lottery is GAMBLING WITH MONIES PAID OUT IMMEDIATELY!! Why is law enforcement turning their heads when it comes to lotteries? AND SHUT DOWN CHEROKEE, TOO!!! I don't give a damn who supposedly owns the land IT IS IN NORTH CAROLINA AND THEY SHOULD ABIDE BY THE LAWS!!! Do away with the lottery and Cherokee immediately if you are going to enforce the so called gambling law. How much revenue does North Carolina get from Cherokee? Laws are meant for everyone, not a select few. FYI I don't gamble but I hate like h*** for certain people to be singled out. Just like smoking... you can't do it but you can drink yourself sloppy drunk and drive all over the place. People who eat lunch in bars/restaurants throw back beer and drinks every day and go back to work. Don't believe it? Do an alcohol/drug test on your employees when they come back from lunch. What do you think all these cars sitting at bars all day are doing? They ain't in there playing bridge, I can assure you. The law is the law is the law. For EVERYONE, EQUALLY!!!


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