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SLR is happening....

To Guest22...I don't know if your comment is geared toward the article regarding sea level rise (SLR) or Rouzer's position, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Sea level rise is happening and is well-documented. To deny otherwise is pure stupidity. What folks can disagree on is the amount of SLR. a four-foot rise, which the article mentions, is on the extreme side within a 100 years, at least as far as I have seen. Projections mostly fall within 40cm to 100cm (approximately 1.5' - 3').

Since the life cycle of most infrastructure is not 100 years (except in North Carolina where nobody wants to pay to replace it) we would have time to adjust to observed benchmarks which is already occurring. In fact, reputable engineers designing infrastructure are already factoring in storm surge and sea level rise.

The question should be why idiots like Rouzer deny it is happening? Is it because the people who own the land which would be under water (therefore worthless) are paying him and other politicians to keep their land from being zoned as non-buildable?

There is a lot of money at can bet the politicians who are denying SLR are getting money from somebody to say so...and the ignorant sheeple who vote for them are just that...ignorant. When wealthy folk build right on the beach, then watch as their homes are washed into the sea, they typically want taxpayers to bail them out. Land owners also don't want the politicians to declare their land to be worth less than they think it should be.

This is an old game. One North Carolina has been playing for the last 60 - 70 years.


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