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Forget about the H2O issue....

By the time 2030 rolls around...City Council will have created a Ghost Town here anyway (not the one in Maggie Valley either) because of the infrastructure failure...and Saffo will still be at the helm with a grey haired Doo!
I read this article, and compared it to the 1/1/00 (double zero's/computer clock failures!) and the 12/21/12 crisis with all Hell breaking out with the World's end. Someone is watching too much TV... Mamaluke!
My suggestion is for the contractors to start building "Now" on the beaches, so they can hurry up and make their Big St. James Plantation does with a home sale every 28 seconds...or minutes...or days (whatever). The downside is...when a surfer comes barrelling into their bedroom window at 9:00 AM...then they will **Sell** their home within the "#28 Time Frame Clause" :-)
In other news...the city of Manhattan is good to go with all of these predictions, as long as the ocean levels don't reach 1000' (+) (Flip a coin)
Hey...remember this?:
The Powers at Be are always looking for new ways of destruction...and should be concentrating their thoughts on trying to find new ways of Hope!


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