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Very sad!

I live on ocean Isle Beach, but the west end so all we knew sunday morning was that there was fire trucks going out like crazy. It wasnt until church that day did we find out what had happend and that there was loss of life. It is a tragedy but I am a VERY firm believer that everything happens for a reason! God calls you home when it is your time to go and your work is done here. My support and prayers go out the ones that are affected by this sad situation but always remember people, god knows what he's doing. They say some were even still in bed when the fire was at its peek, so atleast not everyone sufferd! I think that would be a horrible way to die, but if it ment that I was going to a place where I would never feel pain again then I would just have to face the hard balls that were thrown at me in this lifetime. I am very sorry, I know praying and knowing that these young, successful, and beautiful people are in a better place now doesnt help the pain that you will feel. But it doesnt really matter how the fire already happend and we can't prevent it now. Lets come together not only as a community, but as a nation and show support for the lives lost in the hurricans, fires, and in the war. All we need is a hand to hold and a god to take away your pain! GOD BLESS YOU ALL for your losses, and it can only go up from here! Lots of love!!


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