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Rashawn better walk a very straight line!

Mammas baby, Rashawn here is only 18 years old. So far, he's accumulated four Felony convictions and one Class 1 misdemeanor. Simple little things, no big deal, just Common Law Robbery, dealing and posession of illegal narcotics and posession of a firerm by a minor. We know you didn't mean to do it Rashawn. You were framed, right?

Good answer Rashawn! "I don't even own a gun..." If ya did, that'd be called possession of a firearm by a convicted Felon, now wouldn't it? You're getting smart!

But lookah heah Rashawn and Rashawns mamma, here's the ticket. Rashawn has managed to royally screw the remainder of his life up by becoming a convicted felon by the age of 18. You'd best walk the straightest line you've ever walked from here on out! In my opinion, people like you should remain in prison for the rest of their lives as you've shown us exactly what your intent with society is. My best guess is, we'll be seeing your name in the headlines again soon. Nobody to blame but yourself!


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