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Wilmington residents racist & our failed police department

Rashawn Hines is most likely speaking out because he wants out of the streets. Every single racist comment makes me feel bad for this young man. You people are the cowards and the ones who are the monsters! You talk about this young man like he isnt even human.But you are really terrifed of him and would never say it to his face. Yes he has made some mistakes in his life but who are you to say he is a monster or should be put in prison for the rest of his life. How can your police department make accusations that he is "the most dangerous man in Wilmington"? No new charges except a bogus probation violaton! Basically your taking his rights away because you cant find any new charges to bring up. Either he has stopped doing crime or "your" police department is getting out smarted by a 18 year old. Time to look at WPD!!!!!!


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