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Really people?? I dont agree

Really people?? I dont agree with crime but what they are doing to him is wrong. If you keep telling someone they are trash and no good then there is no reason for them to change. Yes i know many dont change but.... what if we hinder one person who does. By looking at his record he was a troubled teen who did mess up and he served his time. His recent run in with the law looks to be at no fault of his own. So are we now all saying if a teen messes up then they can never change? Also to blame someone for something they didnt do is slander. I dont care how emotional Wilmington is over all the shootings but you cant cast guilt without proof.

I would hate it ( just like everyone else ) if i woke up to someone claiming I was the cause of all destruction of a community If I didnt cause it. Im not taking up for this man's crimes ( I dont know him ) but what was done to him was wrong. I wish the best for him and i pray that he can change and get his life together.

And to those who spew Obama's name, food stamps, and goverment housing. shame on you!! Im a white 29 year old woman, who grew up very poor in Brunswick Co. I lived in a HUD home, we recieved food stamps and free lunch. But guess what I have an amazing job, I have my own home ( I pay everything alone )and recieve no goverment help. Dont put us all into one little box...its an insult that you say we are leaches of the system and never change.


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