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Let me put this simply for you.

Rashawn has had many opportunities to "change" and it hasn't happened. It's obvious what his future plans are. We'll all be reading about Rashawn more in the future and it won't be because he was elected mayor (although, he may be a viable candidate)! So how many more Felony crimes do YOU think Rashawn should be allowed to commit as a "mistake" before he gets figured out?

Congratulations on your efforts to become a successful and productive member of society! As I've posted on here many times, I don't have a problem with my tax monies being used to help others get back on their feet. I DO have a problem with it being used to support generation after generation of lazy, inept, drug dealing leeches that make a career from farming babies at the taxpayers expense! If you aren't in that category, move on. There's plenty that are!!!


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